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Is it possible to create a kind economy?

The Lever Room’s Rebecca Mills was invited to join a televised 26 minute live debate with Jordan Williams, Dr Oliver Hartwich and Laura O’Connell Rapira which was aired on New Zealand’s TV1 last week.
Two members of the debate advocated to keep the existing approach while two members suggested a kinder way, given that the current system is creating unintended consequences such as inequalities, mental health issues, as well as climate change and the degradation of nature.

A few of Rebecca’s points from the evening:

• The current systems and structures of business and government were designed by us and we have the opportunity today to redesign them so to create holistic prosperity for communities, our biosphere as well as our economy. If we agree what we value (things like fresh water, clean air, loving communities) we can design our economy, companies and capital flows to also support these things. There are already many models for doing this.
• Social entrepreneurship or purpose-led business provides a way to solve critical challenges through the spirit of enterprise. This is simply the future of business.
• If we are going to create a positive shift and solve environmental, cultural and social challenges while keeping within planetary boundaries we need a collective impact approach. This means we can all play a part together, from making conscious choices in what we purchase and invest in, to how we run our companies and align government incentives.

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Rebecca Mills